Refrigeration Service You Would Need for Your Business in TX

Businesses around the area of Houston, TX that handle perishable items depend highly on Booker AC & Refrigeration for quality and affordable refrigeration service. Not only does a refrigeration system keep the retail store’s vegetable and meat inventory fresh, they also play an important role in restaurants and hospitality businesses.

Since its inception, Booker AC & Refrigeration has provided quality heating and cooling service for the local community of Houston, TX. Our refrigeration service is of the highest quality. So if you are in dire need of refrigeration repairs or an installation, we are the guys to call!

Refrigeration systems generally operate the same way an air conditioning do, but with some differences. Our service techs are knowledgeable about these differences and have the experience to handle any issue. And when it comes to installation, they work hand in hand with clients to ensure that the right capacity for a cooling system is available for them. Capacity is important since most systems will be ineffective if there are too many items being refrigerated. After doing a thorough research, our team will install the refrigeration in a timely and efficient manner.

As an experienced HVAC contractor, we understand the impact of a refrigeration malfunction to your business. A malfunction leads to a loss in productivity and can even discourage customers from visiting your place. Luckily, we are here to help you out! Our trained professionals are equipped with top-grade tools and equipment so they can locate the problem and make appropriate repairs. Malfunctions can be time-sensitive and could happen suddenly, for this reason, we offer our emergency service. No matter the time you contact us, our goal is to ensure your refrigeration system is back and running ASAP.

Your establishment is one of the businesses that keep the town of Houston, TX running. So don’t neglect your refrigeration system. Partnering with us ensures efficient and impeccable refrigeration service. For more information about our service, dial (713) 714-5627 today!