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We have collated the questions that we frequently get from clients over the years. Now, we made this FAQ page easily accessible to our future clients so you can easily find answers to your potential questions. If you want to directly talk with us though, you can always conveniently contact us. For now, check our FAQ list here!

How many years of experience do you have?

Booker AC & Refrigeration has been a trusted and preferred name in the industry since 2011. For years, we’ve consistently provided satisfaction guaranteed air conditioning repair services in the area. We’ve perfected the techniques to ensure long-lasting repair solutions will always be provided to our clients.

How long do basic air conditioners last?

You can expect optimum efficiency from your AC for a decade. After that, it will naturally start to deteriorate. That is why you can expect your newly installed air conditioning system to last for 10 to 15 years through proper care. If you’d need expensive repairs for your faulty AC that’s more than 10 years old, it will make more sense if you just replace it totally.

Will it take long to cool a house after getting your AC fixed?

The cooling power of your AC is dependent on its size, power, and age. You can expect it to cool your property within a few hours. Central air conditioning systems, for example, will be able to cool a moderate four-bedroom house by 10 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of 3 hours.

How long do AC repairs take?

The answer to this depends on the severity of the damage, the parts needed for the repair job, and the size of your AC. But don’t fret as we at Booker AC & Refrigeration always try to get the repair job done the fastest way possible. Common repair parts are usually available in our service trucks. We also utilize the use of top-grade AC repair equipment to easily diagnose the issue and make sure that the right repair solution will always be provided to you. It would take a few hours up to half a day to get the repair job done, from inspection until the completion of the job.

Is there a way to reduce my AC bill?

There’s always a way to minimize your energy consumption. To reduce your AC bills, set and save your thermostats and timers. Not letting the natural sunlight into your house by adding blinds and curtains can be helpful too. Probably the best advice we can give you is to keep your AC clean and get any damage fix right away.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes. We do accept Paypal. You may also pay for the high-quality refrigeration services that we offer in Houston, TX using the following payment options:

  • Checks
  • Visa
  • MC
  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • Paypal

For other payment methods that you want to use, let us know about it. Contact us now!

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