Questions for Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Ask These Questions When Hiring an Air-Conditioning Repair Technician  

Many people hire an appliance technician based on their rates alone. But, if you’re looking for someone who can fix your air-conditioning unit, you shouldn’t just focus on price. Rather, you should also take steps to ensure you’re hiring a reliable air conditioning repair expert who can bring your AC back to good shape and give you excellent value for money.

Not sure where to begin? You can start by asking the following questions:

Are you licensed and certified?

HVAC technicians need to have the Section 608 Technician Certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This certifies that they’re qualified to work on refrigeration systems and know how to properly handle refrigerants. Your AC repair technician should also have a business license as well as an HVAC contractor’s license if it’s required in your state.

What’s included in your estimate?

Make sure that the estimate includes not just the basic cost of replacement parts but also the technician’s labor costs. Of course, see to it that the technician knows exactly what’s wrong with your AC so they can give you an accurate estimate. Don’t forget to ask for a written copy of the estimate; this will help you avoid nasty surprises in your bill later on.

Are your technicians factory-trained?

Reputable technicians should receive training directly from the AC manufacturer so they know exactly how to handle and fix the brand’s products. So, when looking for an AC technician, choose one who’s factory-trained with your air-conditioning brand and is highly familiar with your unit.

Do you provide warranties?

Your air-conditioning repair technician should provide a comprehensive warranty on their labor. This way, you can call them back if your AC develops problems right after it’s fixed, which might be a sign that the initial repair was unsuccessful.

Find the best AC technician by asking the questions above! If you live in Houston, TX, there’s no need to fret since you can always count on the reliable air conditioning repair services offered by Booker AC & Refrigeration. Call us today at (713) 714-5627!

What Are the Different Kinds of Affordable Air Conditioning Repair Issues?

What Can Go Wrong With an HVAC System  

There are several kinds of affordable air conditioning repair

jobs which may need to be done from time to time. Many systems will require some kind of maintenance or repair over the course of their lives, so understanding exactly what to look for and when to call in a professional is important to prolonging the use of an HVAC system. Repairs can often range from work done on the vents, ductwork, furnace, or boiler.

The most common complaints are often easy to fix. And homeowners can perform some of the repairs themselves, however, there will be some problems that only a licensed professional can take care of. Clogged or dirty filters will interfere with performance greatly and need to be washed or cleaned on a regular basis. Other simple matters which can affect performance are a closed internal vent and leaky ductwork. Both of which need to be checked by a professional repair person.

With more serious problems, repair can include repairing or replacing a boiler or a furnace. Older systems are prone to problems with regards to these areas. Repair technicians will first use

diagnostic software in order to discover what the exact problem is. In m

ost cases

, a replacement part is needed, however, with others entire systems may need to be replaced.

Blocked vents and ductwork are problems with often arise within a system. These can be fixed by removing the blockage. But, only a professional should deal with these issues, unless the homeowner has experience dealing with such matters, if not more damage could be inflicted.

The central thermostat in some systems will often need repairs from time to time. However, before picking up the phone to all in a professional, try doing some of your own troubleshooting first. Check all batteries are still operational, and any buttons or settings have not be set incorrectly by mistake. If you are looking for an

affordable air conditioning repair

service, then you need to contact Booker AC & Refrigeration in Houston, TX now at (713) 714-5627.

A Professional Refrigerator Repair Contractor Explains

Troubleshooting Commonplace Fridge Repair Problems  

The refrigerator is one of your home’s vital and often ignored appliances. It helps to protect your food by preventing premature spoiling before it can be consumed. Yet, there are times when your unit malfunctions due to the failure of one or more components. However, you should not hasten to contact a professional refrigerator repair contractor. As some of the common issues which lead to the break down of your fridge can be troubleshot by taking several steps.

Interior has droplets or is less cold than it should be

Sometimes, your fridge does not generate the desired temperature despite the thermostat settings. In most cases, the source of the issue is the condenser coils or the thermostat. To determine if the cause is these elements, you should take the following steps. Unplug your unit and move it enough to slip behind. Check if the coils are soiled or covered with dirt and dust. Remove the debris using a vacuum cleaner and brush. If the coils are clean, inspect the thermostat. Determine if it has proper contact and if the contact points have frozen. If they have, consider replacing the element or defrosting the points.

The unit is not working at all

There are times when your unit does not appear to be working even though all elements are clean and new. Often, the likely cause for such a problem is a malfunctioning control board due to a power surge. It can also occur when the power cord is not plugged in well or has sustained damage. To determine the potential source, inspect the cord. See if it is plugged into the power grid and if there are tears in the wiring. If the problem continues, consider speaking to a professional refrigerator repair contractor.

There are several steps you can take when troubleshooting commonplace fridge repair problems. If you would like to learn about these actions, contact a professional contractor such as Booker AC & Refrigeration in Houston, TX.

How To Tell If Your Unit Is In Need Of Affordable Refrigerator Repair?

Warning Signs That You Need To Schedule Fridge Repair Service  

Having a properly functioning refrigerator is among the essential yet often overlooked appliances. It helps to prevent the premature spoiling of your food and to store it for later consumption. However, there are times when your unit breaks down and fails. This leads to serious problems such as floods and increased utility bills. In such cases, you should consider scheduling an affordable refrigerator repair service. How to determine if your unit needs such a service?

There is excess condensation in the interior

Maintaining the proper interior temperature is one of the main features of a properly working fridge. It helps to prevent the premature spoiling of your food, especially perishables such as fruit and meat. Yet, there can be times when your unit develops unexplainable condensation or water droplets on the walls. Such droplets often occur as a result of the condenser coils or door seal breaking down and malfunctioning. In such cases, you should have the elements cleaned and replaced, respectively. However, if the problem continues, contact an affordable refrigerator repair provider.

Loud or irritating noise

As with many proper working units, your fridge should produce a certain amount of noise when working. Yet, such noise can also indicate a problem which needs to be addressed through repairs. Such times include when the sounds are loud such as intense buzzing. And when they are unusual such as banging or clicking. Such noise shows that one or more components are clogged or malfunctioning. In such cases, you should have the unit inspected by an affordable refrigerator repair contractor. For such sounds often precede worse issues such as floods.

There are several warning signs that you need to schedule fridge repair service. If you would like to learn about these signals, contact a professional contractor such as Booker AC & Refrigeration in Houston, TX.

Get an AC Repair Service Today

Why It’s Best to Let Professionals Handle Your Damaged Air Conditioner  

Handling and repairing your own air conditioner can be risky for yourself and for your home. Without precise knowledge and training when it comes to it, you shouldn’t attempt to fix your damaged air conditioner all by yourself if you want it to be repaired well. Once your air conditioner starts acting up, you need to contact a reliable professional who will be able to provide you one of the best AC repair services and to fix your damaged AC properly. Once you go for the top expert, you will be able to have a good air conditioner back for your home in no time.

It’s not good to neglect a damaged air conditioner because it will cause further damages. When it comes to your broken AC, always ask help from a good professional. Here’s why hiring an expert is much more agreeable than repairing it yourself:

Better Repair Work

With professionals, you will be able to receive a better air conditioner in no time because professionals are capable of fixing it properly. Experts are well-trained and well-experienced for the job, which means that they will be able to give you better repair work. For a well-repaired air conditioner, hire a well-experienced professional.

Safer and Faster

Hiring experts means that your air conditioner will be repaired safely and quickly. You would want a well-repaired AC for your home, that’s why you need to contact reliable professionals for it. Handling it yourself can be dangerous, so be sure to get one of the most exceptional AC repair services right away.

Save Time

If you decide to hire professionals, you will be able to have more time for yourself and for other important things. But not hiring air conditioner experts will make you spend the whole day trying to figure out how to fix it properly. Hire a professional now so you will get the kind of AC you need for your home.

An AC repair service from Booker AC & Refrigeration is one of the best in the area. Trust our services in Houston, TX for a better air conditioner. Call us at (713) 714-5627 today.

Basic Refrigerator Repair Service Tips

Want to Save Money and Fix Your Own Refrigerator?  

The best way of freezer repair prevention is ensuring regular maintenance is performed. A point of fact is if a freezer is damaged to the point repairs are necessary, the best thing to do is call in a professional refrigerator repair service technician. After all, you could need to deal with an array of coils, which are all filled with refrigerator coolant, condensers, and of course, electricity. Freezer repair is not a job for the average homeowner, and sometimes it is cheaper to replace a freezer than repair it.

But properly caring for a freezer will allow it to carry on working in peak condition for several years to come. Freezer maintenance will be far more preferable to repairs, and the best news is, it is quite simple. Only a few minutes of attention will almost assure a homeowner that their freezer will operate at peak efficiency, which will save on energy, money, and maintain frozen food at the right temperature.

Before any maintenance even starts, you need to consider the placement of your freezer. Never put a freezer close to a heat source, like an oven, dryer or stove. Also, putting it close to windows, where it may be in direct sunlight, is not a good idea, either. The sun heat forces your freezer to work overtime, thus raising energy costs. If the heat is great enough, the freezer will continuously work flat out, which will greatly reduce its life span.

You should also leave sufficient space behind your freezer, instead of pushing it right up to a wall. This will make sure it receives sufficient air flow. Furthermore, you should regularly inspect all the seals around the door, making sure there are no gaps or cracks which will allow cold air to get out. You can replace these seals yourself if they cause a problem. Just find the model number of your freezer, and order the relevant seals; this can be done either online or by your local appliance store.

So, if you are in desperate need of a fully qualified refrigerator repair service, call Booker AC & Refrigeration, at (713) 714-5627 today. We are in Houston, TX.

Signs You Need To Contact an Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

How To Tell That Your Hvac Unit Needs To Be Repaired?  

Having a properly working and energy-efficient HVAC unit is a great way to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Yet, there are times when it needs to undergo repairs to prevent emergency breakdowns in inconvenient moments. There are several signs which can help you determine if such a time has arisen. Here are some of the signs you need to contact an air conditioning repair contractor.

You are not receiving cool or warm air

Among the signs that something is amiss with your HVAC is that you are not receiving cool or warm air. There can be several causes for such an issue: clogged filters, leaks in the system, electrical problems and others. If the system does not turn on after you have performed troubleshooting you should consider scheduling a repair.

There is a leak in the system

Another sign that your HVAC may need heating & air conditioning repairs is the presence of a leak in the device. There are two alternatives to the origin of the leakage: the drain tube or condenser has broken and is leaking water. Or the freon tubing of your system has broken and your unit is leaking dangerous to your health freon.

The unit is producing odd sounds

If your HVAC unit is producing unusual sounds you should consider scheduling an inspection and repair. Often, such sounds are caused by components which need to be replaced or repaired due to wear or breakdown. Such parts of the system include motor parts such as the fans and the belts.

How to tell that your HVAC unit needs to be repaired? There are several signs which show that your unit needs to be fixed. These include odd sounds such as clunking. Leaks caused by breaks in the tubing. And the system not working at all. If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional air conditioning repair contractor. An example of one such provider is Booker AC & Refrigeration in Houston, TX.

Tips from a Professional Air Conditioning Repair Technician

How to Prevent the Air Conditioning Unit from Getting Damaged  

Once the summer heat starts, the air conditioning unit becomes your best friend. By cooling the room down, you will be comfortable and forget the heat of the sun outside. The last thing you would want during the hot season is to have a damaged air conditioning unit. Although they are built to last for a long time, you still have to do your part to keep them from getting damaged. Here are some tips from a professional air conditioning repair technicians. Heed these tips and you can enjoy the coolness of the air conditioning unit all summer.

Change the Filter

The filter has to be changed within 4 to 6 weeks. It would depend on how often you use the air conditioning unit. A clean filter will prevent the unit from getting overworked. If the filter gets very dirty, the dust will transfer to other parts of the unit. It will take the unit more time and effort to cool the room. There will be times when it would stop working because it is exerting more effort than usual.

Use Window Treatments

Window treatments like blinds and curtains will prevent the sunlight from getting inside the room. If the sunlight is allowed to get into the room, it will raise the temperature up. Since the unit will follow the thermostat you have set, it will get overworked providing the right temperature. If the unit gets overworked, some of its parts might get damaged. You would end up hiring a professional air conditioning repair technician often.

Change the Temperature Gradually

Since it is very hot outside, you would want to cool down the house by turning on the air conditioning unit. Most people would end up setting the unit to its lowest temperature right away. Changing the temperature abruptly would overwork the unit. If you keep on doing this, the unit will not be able to set a proper thermostat. You end up getting the wrong room temperature.

If the air conditioning unit is showing signs of damage, call a professional air conditioning repair technician right away. If your house is in Houston, TX, get in touch with Booker AC & Refrigeration now.

Why Hire a Professional AC Repair

Keeping It Cool  

Most people in the US own AC units. Regardless of how big or small the AC, it has the power to keep the entire home comfortable and cool during a hot day. Constant neglect or not, the wear and tear, regardless of the reason, many AC units aren’t being used at it’s most optimum efficiency. A reason why it’s best to be careful and call an AC repair professional to maintain, check, and repair any damage your AC has as necessary. This can range from a simple problem to complicated ones, but the worst-case scenario means replacing the unit altogether. That’s why if you want to prevent a unit replacement, just call in a technician right away when there’s something wrong or have it maintained properly.

Great Air Quality

Many people think that an AC can only cool down the air. But because of that, it reduces the humidity level, especially when it’s hot. This brings in better comfort when the AC is running. It can be very uncomfortable if the humidity level is high. Not only that, but your AC is also can also keep the air quality in your house fresh and clean. That’s why just call in a professional for any repair.

Lowered Bills

Owning an AC unit means that there’s a need to pay more money on utility bills, and if you’re not using or maintaining it properly, you might be paying much more on your bills, repair, and replacement. When it gets damaged or because of age, it will run at a lower efficiency, meaning the AC will eat up more power than it should when you use it. The efficiency compromised, meaning higher consumption of energy, higher bills to pay.

If you’re having problems with your AC unit in your home right here in Houston, TX, trust Booker AC & Refrigeration to do quality AC repair. Just call us at (713) 714-5627 for more details.

What Does an Air Conditioning Repair Service Technician Do?

How to Tell If Your HVAC Technician Is Qualified  

Being an air conditioning repair service technician comes with various responsibilities, such as repairing, cleaning, and installing HVAC systems. Most times, a technician does repairs and installations. They could also be responsible for updating older systems, such as installing new insulation and ductwork.

In most places, an HVAC technician must have a license and be certified to install and repair these systems. This means attending a trade or technical college. Mostly, repair methods and installation techniques are studied both together, and an individual could decide to specialize in one or the other. Other times, they could decide to work on anything regarding an HVAC unit.

One thing these experts all have in common is repairing faulty or broken furnaces in addition to air conditioning systems. Most of these systems come with multiple components, such as filters and vents, to more difficult blowers and furnaces. Both of these are necessary to allow a system to operate smoothly. The technician could perform simple tasks such as replacing old or dirty filters, plus, more challenging jobs ranging from performing diagnostic tests on a system to replacing worn and faulty parts.

An air conditioning repair service technician can also be responsible for cleaning systems. Basic cleaning is recommended and easy to perform; however, most homeowners are not comfortable with doing this task themselves. A technician will come to a person’s home and clean any corroded or dirty parts. More in-depth cleaning could also be required depending upon the house and could include getting rid of dust and mold from inside ductworks.

Apart from repairing and cleaning, an HVAC technician could also perform projects, which will help units perform more efficiently. This includes putting in insulation inside the attic and replacing old ductwork. They could also install new ductwork to the existing ones, which would be necessary with new room additions.

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