Reliable Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Even if your cooling units are working fine right now, you still need to have them maintained regularly to ensure that you do not experience any problems with your units, especially during the times that you need them the most. With Booker AC & Refrigeration and our reliable and quality air conditioning maintenance services, you have nothing to worry about because your cooling units are in the hands of seasoned experts in Houston, TX.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Aside from our world class cooling repair services, we also offer regular maintenance checks for your cooling units. We will make sure that you avoid costly repairs in the future because we will check your units to ensure that all parts and components are working efficiently. We will check every part of your system and look for any system failures and symptoms of an impending breakdown. Once we see an issue, no matter how small it is, we provide solutions right away because that small issue might turn into a huge one if left unrepaired. With our professional air conditioning maintenance service, you have nothing to worry about, especially with us looking after your AC units.

Testing and Calibration

Once we are done checking your air conditioning units for signs of system failure or defective parts, we will then test your units if they are providing the proper cooling temperatures. There are times that you set your AC units to certain temperatures, however, they are not providing the same temperature to your rooms. We will do calibrations to ensure that everything is working efficiently. This is also a good way to ensure that you are not using unnecessary energy, which will remove a few dollars off of your electric bill.

For expert cooling service in Houston, TX, Booker AC & Refrigeration is the company that you can rely on for reliable maintenance services. Call us now at (713) 714-5627 and let one of our skilled technicians maintain your cooling units.